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Appraisal In Bali/Valuation services in Bali have recently been sought after, many things have led to the hunt for property appraisers, especially those working in the area of the island of Bali, why are there so many property appraisers in Bali lately?.

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The slowing down property market condition due to the influence of restrictions on community activities has caused many properties that are pledged as collateral to be threatened by auction as well as properties that are included in the hospitality business in Bali.

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Many hotels and villas are not operating due to the closure of tourist arrivals to Bali, this has almost killed the circulation of money in Bali, hotels and villas are sold, many central souvenir shops and outlets selling art objects have closed and stopped producing.

Appraisers as a component in the financial business get a lot of requests to assume the value of a property for sale or auction, while properties that are in the process of being worked on and undergoing temporary suspension and whose ownership will be divided also require the services of an appraiser.

The general public’s doubts when they first use the services of a property appraiser are the frequent occurrence of communication errors and the fear of the possibility of misperception, in addition to that the main reason ordinary people hesitate to order services is because they do not understand the procedure and the importance of the results of the property appraisal report.

The many obstacles for investors from outside countries who are trying to do business in Bali are also building a very basic need for an appraisal service, making KJPP SDR want to participate in providing services to investors who want to build a property business in Bali, KJPP SDR’s role is to provide the best service to users. appraisal services,

Why is it the best, of course, there are reasons that motivate us not only to provide services but also to offer premium cooperation to our clients, including:

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Ease Of Communication

We can provide multi-language services in submitting appraisal reports, besides that we can also establish marketing communications with clients, KJPP SDR is ready to provide consulting services before ordering property appraisal services.

Tag: Appraisal In Bali, valuer in bali

Your KJPP admin team can provide free consultations and explanations regarding the appraiser’s work procedures and systems in the area of duty, clients don’t need to hesitate or be confused if it’s the first time using the services of an appraiser, your kjpp admin will explain and answer all your curiosity before applying for approval to work same with us.

Ease Of Transportation Costs

Our office is strategically located in the city of Denpasar, the center of the province of Bali, making it easier for our workforce to carry out tasks throughout Bali.

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Speed ​​And Performance

we are proven by a timely workmanship system where after the client signs a cooperation contract, that day we will carry out an inspection to assess our client’s property.

We have experience for more than 10 years in the field of property appraisal, especially hotels and villas, both only in terms of buildings and land values ​​or as a whole including machine tools and all existing equipment in the building.

Fee Quote

We always pay attention to the cost standards that have been set by the Indonesian Appraisal Organization so that the fees we offer are in accordance with the needs and in accordance with the expectations of business people and the public who need assessment services from KJPP SDR.

The KJPP SDR admin will explain the total cost of our appraisal services, all will be explained in detail to the client before signing the cooperation contract, so that the client does not have to worry about additional costs outside the appraisal cooperation contract.

So don’t hesitate to press our contact button, our service is always there for you from Monday to Sunday which is always ready 24 hours to respond to your curiosity about asset valuation in Bali.

appraisal in bali

Especially in August, which coincides with the celebration of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, KJPP SDR provides a free consultation service regarding the valuation of your property, so don’t waste the opportunity to press the contact button via WhatsApp, don’t wait until your property problems get more complicated, KJPP SDR is here to make it easy for you.

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